(PA) Nylon Pipe Extrusion Line

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(PA) Nylon Pipe Extrusion Line

Adopting nylon special screw, solving the critical problem of complex material extrusion molding, good plasticizing effect, products without crystal point particles, air bubbles, continuous operation is stable, simple operation; unique in-line cutting device, making the product cut smooth and flat, no burr. Depending on the requirements of the products, it can also adopt double-station on-line automatic rewinding. Nylon tube is high temperature and corrosion-resistant and has been widely used in automobile brake fluid hose, fuel delivery hose, instrumentation line, air conditioning system, etc.

Technical Specifications

During the production of nylon pipes, temperature control for equipment differs from other plastic products. For instance, the feeding section of the extruder needs to be close to the resin’s melting point. In contrast, the plastification section requires a temperature around 20°C higher than the resin’s melting point. Then, in the homogenization section, the temperature decreases and is controlled just above the material’s melting point. Finally, the temperature needs to be slightly lower at the die head than in the homogenization section. (Taking the example of extrusion using PA1010 resin, the temperature control ranges for equipment sections, including feeding, plastification, homogenization, die-head connection, and mold, are: 250-260°C, 260-270°C, 260-280°C, 220-240°C, and 200-210°C, respectively.)

In pipe production, except for a few rigid pipes that may not require traction equipment, nylon pipe production necessitates traction equipment. The draw ratio of the traction equipment needs to be controlled between 1.2 and 1.5. Additionally, the water used for pipe cooling should be circulated and maintained between 15-22°C to ensure the quality of the final product.

Apart from the above considerations, it’s essential to note that polyamide resin melt is prone to decomposition, emphasizing the importance of temperature control without significant fluctuations. Whether using a horizontal or vertical entry into the cooling water tank during pipe forming, attention must be paid to the proximity of the die to the cooling water tank to ensure rapid cooling and setting of the pipe. When producing PA1010 nylon pipes, using materials with higher viscosity resin is advisable to prevent significant deformation when extruding material from the die opening.

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Nylon tube classification is often divided into nylon 1010 hard tube, nylon 11 hose, nylon 12 hose, nylon 6 semi-hard tube, and nylon 66 hard tube. But there is a common point. Generally, the diameter of this tube is a small aperture, and the tube diameter range is controlled in φ20, so we recommend using smaller specifications of the single-screw extruder to extrude.

Polyamide resin has the ability to absorb air moisture, moisture and the production of nylon tube for the harmful elements, so the raw material must be dried before extrusion production, drying treatment of raw resin should be immediately put into production, while the charging hopper needs to be used to dry moisture-proof structure. General drying treatment is the raw material in the 80-90 ℃ temperature oven treatment 8-12 hours, or using boiling drying treatment for 1 hour, temperature control 110 ℃, the ultimate goal is to reduce the moisture content of the finished resin raw materials to 0.3% or less!

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