Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Where we showcase a range of production solutions for manufacturing rigid pipes. Our Plastic pipe extrusion line are designed to handle various materials, including PP-R, HDPE, PC, PETG, and Nylon, providing versatile options to meet your specific requirements.

This archive serves as a comprehensive resource for those seeking insights into the capabilities and versatility of our extrusion lines. Whether you are interested in exploring the possibilities of different materials or are searching for solutions to address your extrusion needs, our archive provides a valuable reference point.

We invite you to browse our plastic pipe extrusion line collection to understand better the options available for producing high-quality rigid pipes. Discover the versatility and reliability of our solutions for your extrusion projects.

pu pa extrusion line

PA (Nylon) Tube Extrusion Machine

Our plastic pipe extrusion equipment caters to a diverse range of applications, starting with the production of rigid pipes primarily using PC, PMMA, ABS, , PETG, TPU, Nylon as the main materials. These pipes find their niche in high-end packaging industries and lighting applications. Notable for their exceptional transparency and smooth finish, our extrusion lines have garnered recognition, particularly for our in-house developed cutting machinery.

PP-R Pipe Extrusion Line

Our extrusion equipment extends its capabilities to produce rigid water pipes using PP-R as the primary raw material. These machines can be customized to meet various industry standards and client specifications. Our products have earned the trust of numerous export-oriented pipe manufacturers. They can produce multi-layer pipes and incorporate glass fiber reinforcement as needed.

rigid pipe extrusion line
vacuum tank of rigid pipe extrusion

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

Our extrusion machines are equipped with intelligent feeding systems for small-diameter water pipes made from HDPE. These systems not only save materials but also significantly reduce production time. Our focus on efficiency ensures that rigid pipes are both cost-effective and resource-efficient.