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China extruder manufacturer with our customer in CHINAPLAS 2019
Mr. Jason Shen (CEO) with customers in Chinaplas 2021

Jinxin Plastic Machinery is a china extruder machine manufacturer was founded in 2012. Our core business is manufacturing single-screw extrusion equipment, including the main extruder, water tank, hau-off, and cutting or collecting components. 

Before establishing Jinxin Machinery, Mr. Shen worked in his uncle’s single screw extruder manufacturing factory for more than ten years. Start with an apprentice who learns from every component produced by the extruder. 


In 2012, he officially founded Jinxin Plastic Machinery and focused on designing and producing a new generation of single screw thermoplastic extrusion machines. Until today, he still insists on personally conducting factory inspections for the electrical circuits of each set of equipment. It is necessary for him to personally confirm that the electrical components and circuits of the equipment are safe and stable. This has allowed us to build up a good reputation for quality, and we have many repeat customers!

Practical Investments

We prioritize investing our resources and effort into product quality rather than flashy facilities. While our factory and office spaces may not be extravagant, we never compromise on the quality of our machines. We’d rather enhance the rust-resistant paint on machine frames than spend that money on office decorations. This will ensure that the quality of our equipment is basically the same as other machines with the same configuration, but our prices will be 20%-30% cheaper!

We have a 900 square meter factory with CNC, welding and painting workshops and 15 employees. Although small, everyone treats the factory as home. Our annual sales are around 2 million dollars and increasing year by year, and we participate in CHNAPLAS and some of the larger plastics fairs in China every year.

As a china extruder machine manufacturer, we believe in substance over style. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing ensures that every extruder leaving our facility is a testament to our dedication to precision and reliability. We invite you to explore our range of products and experience the difference for yourself.

china extruder manufacturer-door of JINXIN extrusion machinery plant
Factory door
extruders to be shipped
pre transport
packing our machine

Real Us:

At Jinxin Machinery, we believe in substance over style. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing ensures that every extruder leaving our facility is a testament to our dedication to precision and reliability.

Our goal is to offer high-quality, cost-effective extrusion equipment with sincerity and honesty, building long-term relationships through customer profits.

We understand that the equipment we produce is a tool for customers to generate profits. We choose to provide a plan conducive to long-term efficient production based on customer needs from the beginning, even if we may lose some customers as a result.

jinxin business license
Business License
CE certificate
CE Certificate
Utility Technology Patent
Utility Technology Patent
Appearance Design Patent
Appearance Design Patent

Q&A about China Extruder Machine Manufacturer

Yes, we are an integrated enterprise. Jinxin Machinery manufactures all equipment-related products, and Firerymed Trading is responsible for export business, including all export-related matters.

We specialize in plastic pipes, profiles, plastic elastic TPE strips, and customized single-screw extrusion production lines for customers. Our most mature products are rigid pipes, PVC reinforced braided pipes, and TPE strip extrusion production lines.

Ningbo (Ningpo), Zhejiang Province, China. It has the world’s busiest container port. Convenient for the shipping of our machines overseas and saves inland shipping costs.

We are confident that our pricing is significantly lower than competitors with similar configurations. We also have confidence that the quality and service. Most of our customers will continue to purchase our machines after use.

  1. Honest and sincere attitude is our first advantage, not how good we are boasting or how cheap our product seems to be.

  2. We offer bridges your needs and our solution addresses your pain—” before VS after”.

  3. Our product is able to achieve your desired result and performance.

  4. Our market performance and customer referral allow for your joined trust.

  5. We obtained the appearance patent and practical patent of a system to ensure accurate production.

The parts we purchase are all traceable and brand new. Must be tested for their performance, speed, and productivity by our team before delivery can provide the necessary video evidence to customers.

Yes, we can if you need it. But by convention, we will arrange two engineers to the buyer’s factory for installation and commissioning and training, the buyer should be responsible for the round-trip tickets, accommodation and visa fee. Usually, this only takes 1-2 days.

We can guarantee that we will respond to your problem as soon as possible like before delivery. Whether it is technical support or other product needs.

Our Advantages

Your Trusted Source for Precision Plastic Extrusion Solutionsd to every aspect of our products.


Cut Your Cost

Low requirement of men power ,  Factory direct price, New traceable brand components & Warranty, 20-30% lower price compared to big-brand machines with similar configurations and function

china extruder manufacturer-door of JINXIN extrusion machinery plant

Pull Your Profit

High performance of the operation, 1%-5% raw material saved, Products OD error is controlled within 0.01mm, Keep the weight and length of the product consistent, reducing the proportion of defective product

Debug the servo motor with technical

Support You Behind

100% QC inspection before shipping with proof, Spare parts provided, Debugged before leaving the factory, Door to door installation, guide operations, and training. Hotline & Online technical support , Free software and update

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