Products of Plastic Profile Extrusion Machinery

Our plastic profile extrusion equipment is versatile and adaptable, catering to a wide range of materials, including PC, PMMA, ABS, and PVC. These machines find applications in the LED linear lighting industry, producing components such as light tubes and lampshades. They are also suitable for extruding PVC-based materials for door and window profiles and cable protection channels.

plastic-extruded-profiles samples

PVC Profile Extrusion Line

PVC profiles are primarily used in the assembly of doors and windows, as well as for protecting electrical wire conduits and similar applications. With our experienced mold development team, we can customize molds based on customer specifications and drawings, ensuring precise extrusion processes.

LED linear lighting Profile Extrusion line

Profiles made from materials like PC, PMMA, or ABS find significant applications in LED linear lights, including lampshades, diffusers, and light tubes. Our co-extrusion equipment allows for dual-color production and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements, such as transparency levels and surface finishes like frosted textures.

linear lighting profile samples