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What is Serological Pipette Production Line?

This serological pipette production line is specifically designed to manufacture plastic pipettes, essential laboratory tools for biological research, tissue culture, and cell cultivation.

Crafted from high-transparent polystyrene, these pipettes facilitate precise measurements and experiments.

We offer customizable automation solutions tailored to our clients’ specifications regarding product dimensions and production volumes.

Our production line is versatile and capable of producing all seven standard sizes of pipettes circulating in the market: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

Whatever your requirements, our equipment is designed to meet them, ensuring precision and efficiency in every pipette produced.

Serological Pipette Production Line Overview

The comprehensive equipment includes extrusion molding units, ultrasonic welding devices, leak testing mechanisms, cotton plug insertion devices, silk-screen printing, and packaging units. Perfect for maintaining accuracy and quality in scientific applications. The end of the tube is marked with a color ring, and the body has a corresponding color bar background, which is convenient for quickly identifying the capacity: positive and negative double-scale design, clear printing, and improved sampling accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Specific equipment and process flow required for a complete pipette production line

pipette production flow chart
Laboratory Pipette Extruder

Tube Body Extrusion Equipment

The extrusion equipment is still a single screw and water-cooled table, haul-off, and cutting machine. The kit can be aseptically stainless steelized according to the customer’s needs for aseptic production. A wide range of customers recognizes the precision and transparency of our extrusions.


Ultrasonic welding or stretching of tube heads

Depending on the pipe size, there are two production processes: ultrasonic welding and stretching. Multiple stations are available according to production requirements. The next step is to stuff the cotton core into the tube body, customized according to the customer’s needs. Some tubes are used for blood sedimentation tests and do not require a cotton wick.

silk print of pipette production line

Tube Body Printing

Screen printing is used to print different scales and labels etc. on the tube body.

custom pipette packaging machine inside


The automatic packaging machine packs the tubes individually in paper-plastic bags. To achieve the requirements of sterility and dustlessness, etc.

Samples Of Finished Products On The Serological Pipette Production Line

samples from serological pipette production line
plastic serological pipettes samples

Why Choose Our Serological Pipette Production Line

Expertise you can trust

When selecting equipment for your new project, it’s crucial to address the key pain points of quality, cost efficiency, reliability, and trusted expertise. Here’s why our equipment stands out as the best choice to meet these needs:

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Proven Quality

Over a decade of experience and customer feedback ensures our selected machines offer long-term durability and reliable performance.

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Exceptional Value

We provide high-quality equipment at competitive prices, maximizing your investment with top-tier performance.

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Reliable Support

Comprehensive support and service ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime, maintaining optimal productivity.

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Serological Pipette Production Line Related Q&A

May help you know more

What equipment we can provide?

What we can provide is extrusion mainframe, shaping water table, haul-off and cutting. The subsequent ones need to be customized with other suppliers.

  • We can provide you with the suppliers of the subsequent production equipment, you can contact and connect the subsequent procurement and after-sales service.


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