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What is a Nylon Extrusion Machine?

A nylon extrusion machine, specifically designed for producing PA12 brake line tubing, is essential for manufacturing high-quality, durable, and reliable tubing used in automotive braking systems.

PA12 is favored for its excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, flexibility, and resistance to heat and chemicals.

Below is a detailed overview of each component of the nylon extrusion machine line, highlighting their functions and importance in the production process.

Key Features of Our Nylon Extrusion Machine

The nylon extrusion machine line can proceed to either cutting or winding according to customer requirements after the haul-off machine.

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Main Extruder

Function: The main extruder melts and homogenizes the PA12 pellets. It consists of a barrel, screw, and heaters. The rotating screw, driven by a powerful motor, pushes the pellets through the barrel, where they are gradually melted by the heat.


  • Screw Design: Optimized for high output and efficient plasticization, ensuring the PA12 material is evenly melted and mixed.
  • Temperature Control: Advanced temperature control systems maintain precise heat levels to ensure uniform melting, preventing degradation of the material and maintaining its properties.
  • Energy Efficiency: The extruder is designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance, reducing operational costs
vacumm water tank

Vacuum Cooling Water Tank

Function: The vacuum cooling water tank stabilizes the shape of the molten PA12 tubing by using a vacuum to pull it against the sizing sleeve. This process ensures that the tubing retains its correct dimensions as it cools and solidifies.


  • Cooling System: Equipped with an efficient cooling system that rapidly solidifies the tubing, maintaining its precise dimensions.
  • Adjustable Spray Angle: Allows for precise control of the cooling process, enhancing the stability and uniformity of the tubing.
haul-off machine single

Haul-Off Unit

Function: The haul-off machine pulls the tubing through the extrusion line at a consistent speed, which is crucial for maintaining uniform diameter and wall thickness.


  • Flat Belts: Multiple flat belts driven by independent motors ensure smooth and even pulling, preventing deformation.
  • Speed Control: Precisely adjustable to match the extrusion speed and ensure consistent product quality.

Common Pain Points and Solutions of Nylon Extrusion Machine Line

Moisture Absorption

PA12 is known for its low moisture absorption, but any moisture present in the raw material can lead to issues such as bubbles and surface defects in the extruded tubing.


Pre-dry the PA12 pellets thoroughly before extrusion. Utilize a dehumidifying dryer to ensure the material is moisture-free, preventing defects caused by moisture absorption.

Surface Defects (Sharkskin, Melt Fracture)

Surface defects like sharkskin and melt fracture can occur due to high shear rates during extrusion, resulting in rough or irregular tubing surfaces.


Adjust the extrusion parameters by lowering the shear rate and extruder speed. Ensure proper temperature settings to reduce melt viscosity and improve surface finish.

Dimensional Stability

Inconsistent cooling can lead to variations in tubing dimensions, affecting the overall quality and performance of the brake line tubing.


Implement precise temperature control in the cooling tank. Use a vacuum cooling water tank for uniform cooling and dimensional stability. Regularly monitor and adjust the cooling process to maintain consistent tubing dimensions.

Samples Of Finished Products On The Nylon Extrusion Machine

PA extrusion tubing samples
PA12 tubing sample

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Extrusion Machine Related Q&A

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What features are essential for producing high-quality PA12 brake line tubing?

Essential features include advanced temperature control for consistent melting, a vacuum cooling water tank for uniform cooling, and precise extrusion die design to ensure accurate tubing dimensions.

Assess the machine’s production capacity, compatibility with PA12 materials, and its ability to produce tubing within your required diameter range. Ensure the machine offers customization options to meet specific production needs, such as different layer configurations and reinforcement options​

Choose a manufacturer offering comprehensive support, including installation, operator training, and ongoing maintenance. Ensure they provide reliable after-sales service, prompt spare parts supply, and technical assistance to address any issues quickly​


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