High-Pressure Reinforced Braided Hose Extruder

Welcome to our dedicated PVC High-Pressure Hose Extruder page, where we invite you to explore our advanced machinery meticulously engineered to manufacture top-tier PVC-reinforced braided hoses. Our state-of-the-art equipment stands as a testament to precision and innovation in the extrusion industry.

Renowned throughout the industry, our machinery is celebrated for its unwavering stability during the extrusion process, guaranteeing the reliable production of high-pressure water hoses that meet and exceed stringent quality standards. We take immense pride in offering you a solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unwavering performance, resulting in hoses that exemplify durability, strength, and impeccable quality.

As you delve deeper into our PVC High-Pressure Hose Extruder offerings, you’ll discover the excellence and precision that define our commitment to delivering only the finest extrusion equipment. Join us on this journey of innovation and reliability as we introduce you to the pinnacle of hose manufacturing technology.

PVC fiber reinforced hose pipe extrusion line for washing machine inlet pipe

PVC Reinforced Tubing with Polyester Braided Extrusion Line

Our PVC Multi-Layer High-Pressure Reinforced Extrusion Machines take center stage in garden hose and washing machine inlet hose production. The products extruded and produced by our equipment are certified by industry leader Samsung to produce a washing machine inlet hose that is an official part of Samsung washing machines. With precision engineering and reliable performance, our equipment has earned its place in high-demand production lines.

Smooth Shower Hose Extrusion Line

Today’s smooth shower hoses are increasingly replacing the metal ones of yesteryear. These hoses are resistant to bacteria and kinks and are easier to clean and maintain. We have designed unique extrusion plants for this type of hose.

reinforced hose plastic extrusion line