Línea de extrusión de tubos de plástico

Welcome to our comprehensive archive on plastic pipe production lines. Whether you’re interested in PVC, PE, PPR, or other plastic pipe production lines, this page provides detailed information to help you understand the capabilities and benefits of our equipment. Our goal is to offer you a clear overview of the various production lines we offer, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Our plastic pipe production lines are designed to manufacture high-quality pipes from various materials, including PVC, PE, PPR, and other plastics, within a diameter range of 20-315mm. These lines are engineered to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective production solutions for a wide range of applications.


PVC, PE, PP-R Pipe Production Line

HDPE pipe extrusion machine, PP-R pipe production line

PVC Pipe Production Line Components:

  • Main Extruders: Designed for efficient processing of PVC, PE, and PPR granules.
  • Vacuum Sizing Tanks: Ensure precise dimensional accuracy and cooling.
  • Cooling Water Tanks: Maintain proper temperature control to stabilize the pipe.
  • Haul-Off Units: Provide consistent pulling force to avoid pipe deformation.
  • Cutting Machines: Equipped with precise cutting mechanisms for clean and accurate cuts.
  • Storage Systems: Efficiently handle and store the finished pipes.
  • Additional Capabilities: Options for stripe extrusion and logo printing to customize your pipes.
Pipe Diameters:


Key Features:

  • Efficiency: We offer high-speed twin-extruders capable of simultaneously extruding two pipes, maximizing productivity.
  • Extrusion Technology: Our rigid pipe production equipment features gravimetric dosing controllers, ensuring precise material feed and reduced waste.

Pipe Production Lines.

DE:20-315 mm

Abastecimiento de agua, electricidad, gas natural, industria química, agricultura, pesca, construcción, alcantarillado y otros proyectos.

DE:20-315 mm

Tuberías de suministro de agua y tuberías de desagüe, y a veces se utilizan en el transporte de otros productos químicos.

DE:20-160 mm

Tuberías de transporte de agua, incluidas las de agua potable, agua fría y agua caliente, sistemas centrales de aire acondicionado, etc.

Línea de producción de tuberías reforzadas con fibra de vidrio