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What is a TPE Extrusion Machine?

TPE extrusion machine is specialized equipment used to process thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). TPE materials combine the elastic properties of rubber with the processing advantages of plastics, making them ideal for a variety of applications including medical and resistance bands used in exercise.

Key Features of Our TPE Extrusion Machines

the main extruder of TPE tourniquet extrusion line

Main Extruder

Main Extruder is designed to handle the unique properties of thermoplastic elastomers, ensuring high-quality and precise production of elastic bands. The main extruder utilize advanced technology to melt and shape TPE materials, producing elastic bands that meet stringent industry standards.

Cooling machine of TPE extrusion line

Rollers and Cooling Water Tank

This section of the machine line comprises a set of rollers and a water-cooled shaping trough.

The rollers control the product’s thickness, width, and surface texture, creating either a smooth or textured surface. After passing through the rollers, the product enters the water trough for cooling and shaping. It is then conveyed to the cutting machine via traction.

Cutter of TPE-Tourniquet extrusion line

Forming haul-offs and cutting machine

This section focuses on traction and cutting. In response to the primary need for tourniquet manufacturing, we have developed a spot-connection cutting machine. This innovation ensures that the tourniquets are not entirely cut during the process, allowing them to be easily separated by hand when needed.

The blade placement is customized according to the customer’s product specifications.

Pain Points and Solutions Before Making Purchasing Decision

Lack of Product Knowledge

Potential buyers often struggle with understanding the technical specifications and capabilities of different extruder models, and even raw materials.


We provide feedback from existing customers who have already purchased and are using our production lines. This includes insights on the selection of TPE materials and recommendations for suppliers.

High Initial Investment

The significant upfront cost of purchasing high-quality plastic extruders can be a major concern for many businesses. Especially if you are not familiar with the scope of production equipment.


Due to the unique properties of TPE materials, the cost of production line equipment is just one part of the investment. Based on feedback from our users, our production lines offer excellent cost-performance ratios. Additional costs mainly involve raw material procurement and labor for final packaging.

Reliability and Maintenance

Concerns about the long-term reliability and maintenance requirements of the extruder can influence the purchasing decision. We already have enough experience and feedback


Our existing customers maintain close contact with us, addressing any technical issues promptly. We also meet annually at the Chinaplas exhibition, where many customers choose to purchase additional equipment, reflecting our strong reputation and the quality of our products.

Samples Of Finished Products On The Extrusion Line

yoga band sample
TPE tourniquet sample

Why Choose Our Extrusion Machine

Expertise you can trust

When selecting equipment for your new project, it’s crucial to address the key pain points of quality, cost efficiency, reliability, and trusted expertise. Here’s why our equipment stands out as the best choice to meet these needs:

China single screw extruder manufacturer Factory door

Proven Quality

Over a decade of experience and customer feedback ensures our selected machines offer long-term durability and reliable performance.

fiber braided hose extrusion line

Exceptional Value

We provide high-quality equipment at competitive prices, maximizing your investment with top-tier performance.

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Reliable Support

Comprehensive support and service ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime, maintaining optimal productivity.

About JINXIN Plastic Machinery

Since 2012

We are honest and reliable, providing cost-effective equipment for your factory

By choosing our equipment, you are partnering with a supplier dedicated to resolving your pain points with expertly curated, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. We stand by the reliability and performance of every product we offer, ensuring that your investment delivers the results you need for your business to thrive.

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Extrusion Machine Related Q&A

May help you know more

What preparations do I need to make before purchase?

Prior to initiating production with TPE-based products, in addition to procuring the equipment, it’s crucial to secure a reliable raw material supplier. Given the unique nature of TPE raw materials, each manufacturer employs their own unique additive formula. Therefore, your first point of consideration should be the raw materials.

Based on feedback from our clients, if your raw materials contain excessive oily substances, the extruded product may have shiny spots and a sticky feel, leading to adhesion. In these instances, you would need to consult your raw material supplier to adjust the formula.

Not at all. As long as you adhere to the provided guidelines for daily maintenance, the equipment is generally stable and simple to maintain.


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