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What is Smooth Shower Hose Extrusion Machine?

Smooth shower hoses are increasingly replacing the metal ones of yesteryear. These pipes are resistant to bacteria kinks and are easier to clean and maintain. We have designed special extrusion plants for this type of hose.

The production process of coated shower pipes is based on the production of ordinary braided reinforced hoses, to which a color coating is added to the outermost layer of the pipe after production is completed.

The color coating on the outer layer of the pipe has been developed over the past 2 years to achieve the current level of gloss, smoothness and does not peel off easily.

Understanding of the technical details

This article describes the process of producing multi-colored PVC smooth shower pipes, detailing the specific equipment required and the critical aspects of production. You can refer to this article for further information:

Key Features of Our PVC Smooth Shower Hose Extrusion Machines

silver smooth shower hose machine layout

Our PVC bright silver shower hose production line is specifically designed to create high-quality, aesthetically appealing hoses with a smooth, colored exterior. The line utilizes dual main extruders for co-extrusion, enabling the simultaneous production of the hose’s inner and outer layers. The water cooling tank ensures the hoses maintain their shape and stability. The integrated haul-off equipment and servo cutter provide precise control and clean cuts.

Unique to our system is the outer layer coloring device, which can apply either a matte or glossy finish. The glossy finish, particularly in bright silver, has become increasingly popular, offering a sleek and luxurious look.

Importantly, all our coloring inks are tested to be safe for human contact and meet stringent EU standards.

Pain Points and Solutions Before Making Purchasing Decision

As a potential buyer from another country looking to invest in high-value extrusion equipment, we understand the challenges and uncertainties you might face. Here, we address common concerns to help you feel more confident about your decision.

High Investment, No Physical Samples

Extrusion equipment is a significant investment, and without physical samples, it can be hard to trust online information.


We provide detailed videos showcasing our equipment in operation, along with customer testimonials and case studies. This gives you a clear view of the machine's performance and reliability.

Lack of On-Site Demonstrations

Our equipment is highly customized, and it's challenging to see a fully operational machine in our factory due to the specific nature of each order.


If you visit China, we can arrange for you to see our machines in action at our customer's factories, provided the purchasing process is nearing completion.

Trust and Credibility Issues

Trusting an overseas supplier for such a large purchase can be daunting, especially when you can't physically inspect the machinery.


You can witness the test runs of your specific equipment at our factory before shipping. Alternatively, we can provide detailed video documentation of the test runs. We can also connect you with existing clients in your country for direct feedback.

Difference Between Matte and Glossy Colors

different colour smooth shower hose samples
smooth shower hose sample

Why Choose Our Extrusion Machine

Expertise you can trust

When selecting equipment for your new project, it’s crucial to address the key pain points of quality, cost efficiency, reliability, and trusted expertise. Here’s why our equipment stands out as the best choice to meet these needs:

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Proven Quality

Over a decade of experience and customer feedback ensures our selected machines offer long-term durability and reliable performance.

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Exceptional Value

We provide high-quality equipment at competitive prices, maximizing your investment with top-tier performance.

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Reliable Support

Comprehensive support and service ensure smooth operation and minimal downtime, maintaining optimal productivity.

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We are honest and reliable, providing cost-effective equipment for your factory

By choosing our equipment, you are partnering with a supplier dedicated to resolving your pain points with expertly curated, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions. We stand by the reliability and performance of every product we offer, ensuring that your investment delivers the results you need for your business to thrive.

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Extrusion Machine Related Q&A

May help you know more

What preparations do I need to make before purchase?

Prior to initiating production with TPE-based products, in addition to procuring the equipment, it’s crucial to secure a reliable raw material supplier. Given the unique nature of TPE raw materials, each manufacturer employs their own unique additive formula. Therefore, your first point of consideration should be the raw materials.

Based on feedback from our clients, if your raw materials contain excessive oily substances, the extruded product may have shiny spots and a sticky feel, leading to adhesion. In these instances, you would need to consult your raw material supplier to adjust the formula.

Not at all. As long as you adhere to the provided guidelines for daily maintenance, the equipment is generally stable and simple to maintain.


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