Single-Lumen Flexible Tube Extrusion Machine

We are introducing our state-of-the-art tube extrusion machine designed to manufacture single-lumen PVC flexible tubes. These tubes have versatile medical, industrial, and other medical applications. With a minimum diameter of 1.6mm, our tubes are meticulously crafted, catering to specialized needs such as internal components for lighters.

Our tube extrusion machines are designed to handle a variety of materials, ensuring optimal performance and quality for your production needs. Whether you’re extruding PVC soft hoses, PP/PE dip tubes, or PA tubing, our advanced equipment provides precise and efficient solutions. We would like to assure you that we can provide the perfect match between precision engineering and your specific needs.

PVC, PE/PP, PA Tube Extrusion Machine

pu nylon extrusion machine-plastic tube extrusion line

PVC, PP/PE,PA Tube Extrusion Machine Components:

  • Main Extruders: Designed for efficient processing of PVC, PE, and PPR granules.
  • Vacuum Sizing Tanks: Ensure precise dimensional accuracy and cooling.
  • Cooling Water Tanks: Maintain proper temperature control to stabilize the pipe.
  • Haul-Off Units: Provide consistent pulling force to avoid pipe deformation.
  • Cutting Machines: Equipped with precise cutting mechanisms for clean and accurate cuts.
  • Storage Systems: Efficiently handle and store the finished pipes.
Tube Diameters:

pu nylon extrusion machine-plastic tube extrusion line

Key Features:

  • Precision Control: Ensures uniform wall thickness and diameter.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling various sizes and specifications.

Tube Extrusion Machines

Our PVC soft hose extrusion machines are designed to produce high-quality, flexible PVC hoses used in various applications, including gardening, medical, and industrial purposes.

Our extrusion machines for PP and PE materials are ideal for producing dip tubes used in cosmetic bottles, spray bottles, and other applications requiring precise fluid transfer solutions.

Our PA (Polyamide/Nylon) tubing extrusion machines are built to produce durable, high-performance tubing for automotive, industrial, and specialized applications.