Producing Multicolor PVC Smooth Shower Hose: Process and Challenges

PVC smooth shower hose structural analysis
PVC smooth shower hose structural analysis

PVC smooth shower hoses are increasingly popular due to their durability, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for modern bathrooms. The production of multi-colored PVC smooth shower hoses involves a precise extrusion process. This results in a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and resistant to knots and bacteria. The variety of color options provides customers with numerous choices. The manufacturing process for a PVC smooth shower hose, whether silver or another color, involves steps that ensure the product’s durability and aesthetic appeal. This process combines precision, expertise, and advanced machinery.

Multicolor PVC Smooth Shower Hose Production Process

First, let’s explain the production process of the smooth shower hose.

Raw Material Preparation: The process begins with the preparation of a high quality polyvinyl chloride resin for extrusion. This involves mixing the PVC with specific additives to achieve the desired physical properties. The fiber strands required for the intermediate layer need to be prepared for braiding to improve the pressure-bearing capacity of the hoses. In addition, the color coatings required for coloring the outer layer are prepared.

Extrusion of Multilayer Braided Hose: The production of multicolor PVC smooth shower hoses is characterized by a multi-layer co-extrusion process, which is distinct from standard extrusion techniques. The process involves the following key steps:

  • Initial Layer Formation: The first step in the hose production involves extruding the innermost layer of the hose. This layer, typically made of PVC, forms the basic tube structure.
  • Fiber Braiding for Reinforcement: After the formation of the initial layer, the hose is passed through a braiding machine. Here, fiber threads, often made of durable materials like polyester or nylon, are intricately woven around the hose. This braiding is crucial as it significantly enhances the hose’s pressure resistance and overall strength.
  • Additional Layer(s) Co-Extrusion: Following the braiding step, additional layers of PVC are co-extruded onto the hose. This multi-layer structure adds to the hose’s durability and allows for the incorporation of various properties, such as flexibility and resistance to environmental factors, into the hose.
  • Color Application: In the final extrusion stage, a colored slurry is applied to the outermost layer of the hose. This application is carefully controlled to ensure a smooth, even coating of color, providing the distinctive aesthetic appeal of the product.
  • Cooling and Finalization: After the application of color, the hose undergoes a cooling process, often in a water bath, to solidify the layers and set the color. This stage is critical in determining the final physical properties of the hose.
  • Cutting and Collection Process: After cooling and setting, the hoses are drawn out from the cooling water bath by a tractor, which is usually part of a combined tractor and cutting machine platform. This step is essential for maintaining the integrity of the hose structure post-cooling.
  • Precision Cutting and Temporary Storage: The hoses are then cut into specific lengths according to product specifications. This precision cutting is typically performed on the same platform as the traction step. Once cut, the hoses are temporarily stored on a large platform. This holding area serves as a buffer, accumulating the finished products before they are ready for final collection.
  • Automated Collection System: To streamline the collection process, an automated pneumatic flip-plate device is employed. This system efficiently transfers the accumulated hoses from the storage platform to collection bins. Once a predetermined quantity of hoses is reached, the flip-plate activates, allowing the hoses to fall into the collection bins. From here, workers can easily retrieve and package the finished products for distribution.
silver smooth shower hose machine layout
multicolour PVC smooth shower hose machine layout

PVC Smooth Shower Hose Production Challenges:

Braiding Consistency:

Braiding consistency is a pivotal aspect in the production of PVC smoothe shower hose, where even the slightest deviation can significantly impact the product’s durability and performance. Recognizing this, our advanced braiding machines have been designed to maintain impeccable uniformity in braiding, ensuring the highest quality of shower hoses. Here’s how we achieve this:

Ensuring Structural Integrity and Pressure Resistance

The combination of advanced tension control, variable frequency drive, and versatile braiding techniques contributes to the structural integrity of the shower hoses. By maintaining uniformity in the braiding pattern, we prevent weak points that could lead to failures under pressure. This meticulous approach to braiding consistency not only extends the lifespan of the shower hoses but also ensures they can withstand rigorous usage conditions.

  1. Ceramic Hand-Tuned Tension Control Units:
    • Our braiding machines are equipped with state-of-the-art ceramic hand-tuned tension control units. These units play a critical role in maintaining consistent tension on the braiding threads throughout the braiding process.
    • The use of ceramic components reduces wear and tear, ensuring long-term precision and reliability.
  2. Variable Frequency Drive for Motor Control:
    • We utilize a variable frequency drive (VFD) technology to control the motor’s power in our braiding machines. This technology allows for precise adjustments to the motor’s speed and torque, ensuring a steady and consistent braiding pace.
    • The VFD contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the machine, reducing operational costs while maintaining high-quality output.
  3. Versatile Braiding Angles and Techniques:
    • Our machines are capable of various braiding angles and techniques, essential for tailoring the hose to specific requirements.
    • The “Covered Straight Yarn” technique, used for tensile reinforcement, ensures the hose can withstand longitudinal stresses without compromising flexibility.
    • The “Alternating Left and Right Bias Yarn” method significantly enhances the hose’s burst pressure resistance. This technique is crucial for applications where the hose is subjected to high-pressure conditions.

Challenges in the Coloring Process

  1. Uniform Application of Color Coating:
    • Achieving an even distribution of color coating is crucial. Inconsistencies can lead to a rough surface texture and an aesthetically unpleasing product.
    • The application process requires careful control of the coating thickness and speed to ensure a smooth, uniform layer.
  2. Adhesion and Durability of the Coating:
    • Ensuring the coating adheres well to the hose surface is essential for durability. A poorly adhered coating can easily flake or peel off, compromising the hose’s appearance and quality.
    • Advanced adhesion techniques and high-quality coating materials are used to prevent these issues, ensuring the color remains intact throughout the product’s lifespan.
  3. Producing High-End Colors Like Bright Silver:
    • For premium brand requirements, such as producing hoses in bright silver, the process becomes even more complex.
    • In these cases, an additional step of thermal transfer printing is employed. This technique involves transferring a design from a film onto the hose surface using heat and pressure, resulting in a high-quality, metallic finish.
  4. Quality Control Measures:
    • Rigorous quality control checks are performed to ensure the smoothness and uniformity of the color coating.
    • Special attention is given to premium colors, where even minor imperfections can be more noticeable.
different colour smooth shower hose samples
different colour PVC smooth shower hose samples

To overcome these challenges, the production line is equipped with state-of-the-art coating and printing equipment. Technological advancements in coating application and thermal transfer printing have significantly improved the quality and consistency of the final product. Additionally, ongoing research and development in material science have led to the formulation of superior coating materials that offer enhanced adhesion and durability.


In conclusion, the production of colored PVC smooth shower hoses, particularly those requiring high-end finishes like bright silver, embodies the intricate interplay of technology, precision, and aesthetic appeal in modern manufacturing. The process of applying color coatings and performing thermal transfer printing demands meticulous attention to detail to ensure a uniform, durable, and visually appealing product. The challenges of ensuring even color distribution, robust adhesion, and smooth finishes are met with advanced technological solutions and rigorous quality control measures.

As we navigate through the complexities of hose production, it’s evident that success in this field relies heavily on the quality of the equipment used. Our state-of-the-art multicolor smooth braided shower hose extrusion production equipment stands as a testament to this. We encourage readers and industry professionals to explore our range of extrusion production equipment, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our machines are not only capable of producing hoses with varying colors and finishes but also ensure consistency, durability, and aesthetic excellence in every product.

Whether you are looking to produce standard or premium shower hoses, our equipment offers the flexibility, precision, and reliability needed to succeed in this competitive market. By choosing our extrusion production equipment, you are investing in a future of innovation and quality in the world of plastic manufacturing.


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