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Enhancing Productivity and Quality with Precision Single Screw Extrusion Equipment for Pipes, Bands, and Profiles. Customized Turnkey Project!Affordable, High-Quality Plastic Extrusion Solutions

Who Are We?

Jinxin Plastic Machinery is a china extruder machine manufacturer was founded in 2012.

Our core business is manufacturing single-screw extrusion equipment, including the main extruder, water tank, hau-off, and cutting or collecting components. 

Our extrusion equipment can produce pipes, profiles, sheets, etc., with PC, PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PMMA, PU, PA, and TPE as the main raw materials.

Our extrusion equipment is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. It can meet the high standards required by large-scale enterprise factories, while also providing cost-effective solutions for startup factories.

Most of our customers come to us based on our strong reputation. And our price is about 20%-30% lower than the same configuration of equipment.

Affordable, high-quality CHINA SINGLE SCREW EXTRUDER

What Our Single Screw Extruder DO?

Our extrusion equipment is capable of producing the products mentioned below. Additionally, we can customize single screw plastic extrusion equipment to meet your specific needs.

rigid pipes samples

Rigid Pipe Extruder

PP-R and PE Pipes. Other small-diameter pipes made of PC, PA, ABS and TPU. Equipped with a material-saving system, Precise extrusion and reduces material waste.

PA extrusion tubing samples

Flexible Tubing Extruder

Manufacturing single-lumen flexible tubes made of PVC and TPU, as well as dip tubes made of PE for use in pump bottles or spry bottles.

smooth shower hose sample

Multilayer Reinforced Hose Extruder

Multi-layer, multi-color co-extruded PVC braided reinforced hoses. Uses are garden hose, washing machine hose, shower hose, etc.

lighting diffuser samples

Linear Lighting Profile Extruder

Producing PC/PMMA LED lighting profiles. With a variety of shapes, color tones, and surface treatments. fluorescent light, lampshades, diffusers etc.

PVC slide sample

Plastic Profile Extruder

Our machine produce custom PVC profiles for doors, windows, flooring, cable ducts, and sliding tracks, with fine mold-making ensuring to meet specific needs.

yoga band sample

Strips or Customized Extruder

TPE strip extruders for TPE tourniquet, yoga straps, etc.We customize underground pipe network warning tapes and laboratory pipette production lines for our customers.


"We purchased the PVC reinforced braided pipe production line and our products have been validated by Samsung. We have successfully become a supplier of inlet pipes for Samsung washing machines."
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Mr. Park
Kotex Plastic
"We collaborated with JINXIN to develop equipment for the production of marker pen tips. From concept to reality, we successfully operated four production lines within a year. The product has been well-received by customers worldwide.."
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Mr. Stone
Porex Corp.
"The equipment we purchased is used to produce belts and strips of thermoplastic elastomers, such as tourniquets and bandages. The follow-up service regarding equipment maintenance and improvements is responsive. Communication and contact are available at any time."
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Mr. Wong
TPE Healthcare

Why Choose Us?


Our equipment is genuine, and every video or image you see is of our own products. We don't resell or rebrand machines sourced from elsewhere. Even if we need to purchase for you, we will make it clear and will not increase the price. Our product range may be limited, but it's built on trust.

Practical Investments:

We prioritize investing our resources and effort into product quality rather than flashy facilities. While our factory and office spaces may not be extravagant, we never compromise on the quality of our machines. We'd rather enhance the rust-resistant paint on machine frames than spend that money on office decorations.

Laser-Focused Expertise

We may offer a limited product range, but each item has been honed over the years, earning us a competitive edge. Most of our customers come to us based on our strong reputation. And our price is about 20%-30% lower than the same configuration of equipment

Purchase Advice and Equipment Knowledge

We will tell you some equipment purchase advice that only professional manufacturers would know.

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Customer Case Studies

Jinxin Machinery in Plastic Exhibition

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