Washing Machine Inlet Pipe Extrusion Line For Samsung Washing Machines

PVC fiber reinforced hose pipe extrusion line for washing machine inlet pipe
PVC fiber reinforced hose pipe extrusion line for washing machine inlet pipe

The customer uses our PVC braided reinforced pipe extrusion equipment to produce washing machine inlet pipe products, which are accessories for Samsung washing machines.

Our customer in Thailand is a parts manufacturing factory for Samsung washing machines. They produce pipe fittings such as water inlet pipes for all Samsung brand washing machines. This time we provided them with 3 sets of PVC braided reinforcement pipe extrusion equipment, and provided on-site installation and debugging services.

Below are the machine equipment configured in the PVC washing machine inlet pipe production line in this project

  1. 2 main extruders, separately extruding and producing the inner and outer tube blanks
  2. 2 cooling sizing platforms
  3. 2 flat plate traction devices
  4. 1 braiding machine
  5. 1 finished product cutting and collecting platform

The specific details of the components of the washing machine inlet pipe extrusion production line:

2 sets of extruders for producing inner and outer pipes SJ65/28 PLC system type extruders:

  • ****Screw and Barrel: 65mm diameter screw barrel, L/D ratio 1:28. PVC special high-precision screw, nitriding treatment, hard chrome plating. The heating of the screw part adopts cast aluminum heating ring, with stainless steel wind hood, with cooling fan.
  • ****Gearbox/ /Reducer: Hard tooth surface, Model: ZLYJ173. (Brand: JIYIDA)
  • ****Motor & Inverter: 22KW 6 pole frequency conversion motor (Brand: Beide by SIEMENS) 22KW inverter (Brand: ABB 580 series high performance)
  • ****Heating System: Solid-state relay controls heating.(Brand: FOTEK Taiwan)
  • ****Control System: 10 inch touch screen, PLC system. With fault alarm function, with scheduled heating function, with synchronous speed regulation function

2 sets cooling sizing tanks for producing inner and outer pipes

  • Length: 3 meters for inner hose
  • Length: 4 meters for outer hose
  • Equipped with a water pump
  • Tanks Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Front and rear, left and right, height can be adjusted manually

2 sets flat type haul-off machines for producing inner and outer pipes

  • Length: 1 meter
  • Single motor with two reducers
  • Gearbox coupling directly connected, with 2.2KW ABB frequency converter
  • Electric adjustment of the upper traction up and down, manual adjustment of the lower traction up and down

1 set braiding machine

  • With 24 wire barrel
  • Motor: Double motor, 1.5KW 6 pole frequency conversion motor
  • Inverter: 5.5KW (Brand:ABB)
  • The large disc is made of aluminum plate, the wire barrel is made of stainless steel, with a plastic cover
  • With a tension regulator, and 4 stretch-reinforced wire barrels

1 set drying tunnel

  • 6 heating tubes, with cooling fan, can be forced or automatic blowing, with temperature controller.

1 set finished washing machine inlet pipe cutting and collecting platform

  • Pneumatic cutting, encoder to determine the cutting length
  • With counting function.
  • Collection of finished products, pneumatic flap to drop the collection box

How to Choose the Most Suitable Washing Machine Inlet Pipe Production Machine?

First of all, the production equipment for PVC braided reinforced pipes is already a very mature product. This includes all the necessary parts of the equipment, such as screws, barrels, and subsequent required forming equipment, etc. Secondly, the technology of multi-layer co-extrusion is also very stable and reliable, and there is also a standard production equipment configuration. So for the vast majority of users, how to choose the right production equipment is not very difficult, unless you have particularly special needs, mainly we still need to see whether it can meet your product quality requirements and cost control.

  1. Because the pipe diameter of the general washing machine inlet pipe is standardized, there is no need for it to be too large or too small, and the configuration of the screw L/D is relatively simple. Unless you have particular special production requirements, there will be special changes.
  2. Can multi-layer co-extrusion equipment accurately achieve multi-layer fusion?
  3. The demand for enhanced weaving, is there a special requirement for pressure resistance?
  4. Is there a need for printing or color marking on the appearance of the pipe?
  5. The system using PLC can produce more accurately, and can more intuitively adjust the parameters of the whole machine in line to solve the problems encountered in the production process.
  6. Whether the electrical components used in the device are well-known brands, so that they can work stably for a long time, and when they are damaged and need to be repaired and replaced, you can easily find the brand dealers in your area.

In summary, due to the maturity of production equipment technology, the current cost of equipment is not high. If you use some small brands or locally produced electronic components to save the cost of buying equipment, it is easy to increase subsequent maintenance costs and reduce equipment usage time. All of our JINXIN equipment uses world-renowned brands like ABB, and the brand side will provide global warranty services. Including all our other parts, they are all suppliers screened out in the production process of more than 10 years, and the cost performance and quality are up to standard.

The washing machine inlet pipe produced by our equipment has passed the test of the Samsung brand, which is enough to prove the quality of the products produced by our equipment. But our price advantage is obvious. The equipment price quoted by customers in Thailand is twice as high as ours. Welcome everyone to consult and choose our equipment.


Extrusion Process (2) PA Extrusion (1) Plastic Extruders (4) Reinforced Hose (2) Success Projects (1) TPE Extrusion (1) Troubleshooting (1)

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